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Image upload resolution

Understanding our dpi and resolution requirements:

To give you the best quality print that we can we ask that you send us your images at a minimum of 150dpi and ideally at 300dpi. The dpi is only half of the equation. The size that you would like the final image to be is the other important factor in the images final resolution. What this means is that for an image that is 6”x6”, your pixel size should be no lower than 900 pixels in width by 900 pixels in height (ideally 1800x1800). Just changing the dpi on a photo does not mean that the image will not come out distorted.

In most programs such as Photoshop you can check these settings by using an option such as image size or resize image. Often they will have a drop down menu next to the dimensions where you can choose the measurements to be in pixels or in inches.

Another example:

Say you would like us to print your image at a size of 18”x24”, your pixel dimensions would need to be at least 2700x3600 this translates to 18”x24” at 150dpi.

If your file size falls below these requirements:

If you don't already have a hard copy of your image you will need to print it at the size it becomes when you set the dpi to 300, lets say that makes your image 5”x7”. Once printed you will then need to scan the image at a higher dpi. Say you want us to print that 5”x7” image at double the size you would need to scan it at 600dpi, so that when we enlarge the image size to 10”x14” the dpi will become 300 and the pixel dimensions will be 3000

Posted: 22 October 2008