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Photos Into Art!

Summer vacation season is something most families look forward to.  Whether you are traveling near or far, by car or by plane, a weekend trip or longer, photo memories are a highly important part of the experience.  Before the age of high quality digital cameras in a family friendly price range, many families had to hope that photos they took were even worth the money to process the film.  That is no longer the case with digital technology.  Additionally, with home photo printers so readily available, printing those memories in the comfort of your own home has never been easier.  

I remember before digital cameras, we would buy a lot of post cards.  Those are perfect photos of places visited.  Post cards are still available today, of course, and I do still buy them from time to time if I see that a photo I'd like to have is just too hard to capture as an amature.  However, post cards are limited to the size you are buying.  They cannot be sized to fit a 8x10 photo or sized into a poster size print.  They are what they are, a post card.  While they are handy for scrapbooking or photo albums, they just are not suitable for memory making or a honored place on your living room wall.

When on vacation, photographing the highlights of the trip is something everybody does.  Photographing the family with the highlights is also something everybody does.  Certainly, these are necessary photographs for documenting the trip.  Thinking outside the box will net some fantastic photos suitable for framing and something you would be proud to hang on your wall.  When people look for wall art at an art gallery or store, think about what attracts you to a photo or print.  Take those ideas and apply them to what you desire in your home decor.  Frame worthy summer vacation pictures are within your reach.

Posted: 23 September 2008